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3 fun classes to take with friends or family!

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

During the holiday season (or any season for that matter), it's fun to get together and why not sweat together before eating together!? Or why not work off that hangover together the next morning after before getting brunch together.

Here are 3 classes that are for all levels and equipment free for you to enjoy with loved ones!

  1. HIIT it, don't quit it

This 20-minute HIIT workout is equipment free and will work your entire body. Grab some water and a mat, and have fun!

Take the class here.

2. Badass Bodyweight Bootcamp

This 25-minute workout is 4 rounds of 4 minute hardcore TABATA. No equipment needed, just a mat and your body! Enjoy.

Take the class here.

3. Pilates HIIT

This 30 minute fusion of pilates and HIIT will fire you up! No equipment needed, just your body & a mat and GO!

Take the class.

Inspire your friends and have fun!

Ps: Don't forget that you can give your friends a Bodhiac gift card and tell them to try our free 7-day trial.

See you in class,

Coach Alice

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