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Pregnant and still want to move? No problem!

Mommies to be, there are so many rules and tips out there regarding working out safely when you have a bun in the oven that it might get overwhelming. So we gathered some useful tips for you, keep reading to stay active whilst preggers.

Exercise is one of the most effective cures for pregnancy aches and pains. It also has so many benefits for you and your baby. It boosts your mood, decreases pregnancy symptoms like nausea, helps you recover quicker postpartum, and your baby may enjoy a fitter heart and get a boost in brain health.

Stay active

You can keep working out like before, just don't decide to start training for a marathon or take an advance CrossFit class for the first time when you're pregnant.

If you were active before your pregnancy, keep going! You want to get in about 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day. Now what counts towards those 30 minutes? Well a 30 minute workout does, but so do 3 brisk 10-minute walks spread throughout the day, or 15 minutes of gardening, a 10 minute walk and a 5 minute dance party.

If you are going to work out, you'll need to keep in mind some modifications and tips that will change throughout your pregnancy.

  • Avoid jumping or high impact movements

  • Never exercise to the point of exhaustion, listen to your body

  • Hydrate

  • Stop if you're feeling out of breath or exhausted

  • Be mindful with any movements involving balance since your balance shifts during pregnancy. Keep a chair or wall close if you are going to attempt any balance exercises

  • Be careful of over-stretching. Your ligaments are looser during pregnancy thanks to the hormone, relaxin. So be mindful that you don't push yourself as you explore your new flexibility

  • Be careful of full inversions like headstands and handstands because of balance and potential blood pressure issues that could cause dizziness

  • If it's too warm outdoors, keep your workouts inside

  • Make sure to warm up and cool down, this reduces the risk of injury. Stopping abruptly could trap blood in the muscles and could reduce blood supply to other parts of your body (including your baby)

  • Avoid abdominal yoga twists

  • Avoid exercises laying on your back for an extended period of time after the fourth month to prevent blood vessels from compressing and restricting circulation

  • Make sure you eat enough pre and post workout

  • Wear a supportive sports bra if you need it

  • Keep breathing during your workouts

  • Skip saunas, steam rooms and hot tubs (random but worth mentioning!)

It's important to always check in with your doctor and to listen to your body. You know yourself best. If you don't have a high risk pregnancy, it should be fine to continue with your workouts during the first, second and third trimester.

Enjoy this beautiful time in your life and know that you always can use movement and mindfulness as a tool if you are overwhelmed. Our guided meditations are always there for you and even though you can do most of our classes online while keeping the tips above in mind, definitely check out our Prenatal Series where we guide you though the options and modifications! The series consists of a prenatal yoga flow, full body workout, upper body workout and lower body workout. Check it out here!

Good luck mommies to be and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out!

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