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What to do on a Full Moon (when you're stuck inside)

Every single month we experience a full moon (and a new moon, waxing moon, ...). And with this full moon, the energy is intense and the spiritual vibes high. Whether you believe in all the juju that comes with the moon cycle or not, since there's not much partying going on these nights, why not pretend you're in Charmed and throw yourself a full moon ritual!?

How to throw a full moon ritual:

1. Clear your space & mind

The full moon is a great time to let go and clear out your space. You can physically declutter by going through your closets & drawers and getting rid of what you no longer need/wear. And you can mentally let go of old thoughts, patterns and ideas that are holding you back.

Before you start your "ritual", declutter physically and clean/tidy your space. Then make sure you have a pen/paper or journal because you'll get to journalling during the ritual to mentally let go of whatever you have to release. Don't forget to light some candles to set the mood.

If you're a fan of crystals, the full moon is the perfect moment to cleanse them, either by holding them under running water (make sure you check your crystal is safe to hold under water, most of them are but not all) or by palo santo-ing them. Then put them in front of your window or on your terras/garden so they can recharge in the full moon light.

2. Do some yoga and move your body

Loosen up your body and let go of pent up energy by doing some yoga (moon salutations) are great. If you want to do something other than yoga then dance! Move, breathe and make some sounds... it's so much easier to let go old energy when you yell, sigh, sing,...

3. Meditate

After releasing energy that was closer to the surface, it's time to dig a little deeper. Sit still, tune in and see which feelings and emotions come up. Focus on your breath.

4. Journal

Time to let go of that more stubborn energy that you discovered during your meditation. Write it down! If you're not sure what you're feeling then you can start with some journaling prompts. A good tip is to just start writing and don't stop. You can scribble and doodle... no one else will read these:

- One thing that is holding me back lately is:

- I would feel more connected to myself if:

- I feel most like my authentic self when I'm (with):

- I feel lighter now that I've let go of:

5. Relax and enjoy!

Enjoy your Full Moon ritual and let us know how it goes.

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