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Our 2021 Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

Let's begin with...drumroll please... the Bodhiac giftcard!!! You can give your loved one (or yourself) the gift of health in the form of home workouts, yoga & mindfulness. You can enjoy our Black Friday Deals from now until Monday 29/11 (use code BFYEARLY during check out for 50% off the yearly membership and code BFMONTHLY for 20% off your first 4 months.)

But now for our other recommendations! These are all handpicked by coach Alice who loves these tools, gadgets, outfits, etc...

First up we have the guide for our workout bunnies:

  1. Burga Waterbottle

  2. Yellow Yoga Mat by Decathlon

  3. Polar Smart Watch Ignite 2

  4. Sweatability Crop top & leggings (Get 30% off with code ALICE_30 from 26-28/11)

  5. Halter Hex Dumbbells by Decathlon

  6. Vegan Protein Powder by Your Healthy Fix

Next up our guide for Yoga Lovers:

  1. Fabletics Outfit

  2. Cosmos Yoga Mat, JUTTU

  3. Meditation Pillow, Decathlon

  4. Yoga Block, Decathlon

  5. I am Joy, Balancing Mist by Fré (Get 50% off with code ALICEAVERY 26-29/11)

  6. Sea Salt & Sage Soy Candle

and last but not least... the guide for all our Wellness Junkies:

  1. Curedlight Therapy Infra Red Light

  2. Sage Smudge Stick by the Goldenhour

  3. Ceremonial Matcha by Matcha The Green Gold

  4. Mood Rise Supplement by Vitasonar

  5. Fashion QI Charger by Ideal of Sweden (get 50% off with code ALICEAVERY50 from 24-29/11)

  6. Sustainable Comfy Sweater, Pure by Luce

Now before you hit that purchase button, definitely double check whether they have Black Friday deals running on their socials and website!

If you are a Bodhiac member, you can use your Bodhiac coupons for brands like Pure by Luce and Vitasonar! You should have gotten those when you became a member. If you haven't received them, send us a mail at

Happy shopping 🙏

See you in class!

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